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Therapeutic massage therapies in the Cheltenham area

Pamper yourself with a soothing massage in a calm and serene environment. Get in touch with Michelle Louise Aromatherapy in Cheltenham to discuss your requirements.

Frequently asked questions

Where are the treatments carried out?
At Michelle Louise Aromatherapy, treatments are carried out at the practitioner's home. I aim to provide a calm and warm environment that immediately puts you at ease whilst giving you the confidence to share your health concerns, goals and aspirations.

What to expect from our initial treatment?
I will spend time discussing what brought you for a treatment. What health objectives and goals you have. I will complete a consultation that will allow us to prepare a blend of oils that is targeted to your needs. I will talk to you about the oils and how and why they are suitable. If you have chosen to have a massage therapy, this will commence after the consultation and a blend has been prepared. If massage is not appropriate (and/or you are a seeking a skin product) then a tailored product will be made for you and instructions around its application given. This may be drops for the bath, a body cream/gel and/or something for you to diffuse into your environment.

What if there are scents that you dislike?
You will be fully involved with your treatment blend and if there are any scents that you dislike, I can work around this.

What happens after the treatment?
You will have the opportunity to relax on the couch after your treatment. You will be offered a drink and the opportunity to discuss any sensations, feelings and concerns that you may have.

How frequently can you have an aromatherapy treatment?
This varies greatly on individual needs and what you are expecting from your treatment. A regular massage is an excellent form of relaxation for the mind and body, even if you don't have any physical or emotional complaints. Massage is also effective if your body is feeling overworked whether it be through exercise, manual work or a busy lifestyle.
Everybody is different and we will work together to create something that works effectively for you.
Treatments I offer
"Michelle has a fabulous attitude and is a naturally-talented massage therapist and aromatherapist. I invariably benefit in some way from my treatments with her and always look forward to my next one. Highly recommended."
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